The 2015 Tribute?

World’s fashion capitals are filling up with the trends that will dictate menswear in 2020. Gucci has been the focal point of fashion trends for the last several years, and many influencers were expecting the recent brand’s Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear show in Palazzo Delle Scintille during the Milan Fashion Week.

Gucci Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear

Images: Gucci, Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear

When the first models appeared on the runway, we immediately recognised the signature looks of Alessandro Michele. Were they too obvious? Gucci Fall-Winter 2020 is a tribute to what started out in 2015 as a new era of Gucci under the supervision of Alessandro. Creative director’s reimagining of masculinity accompanied by the classical wardrobe pieces in the grotesque shapes made Gucci into the hype menswear brand.

At the same time, collection immediately felt outdated as it seemed to be a continuation of what we saw made for Gucci in 2015. This brings us to question, whether 5 years is a sufficient period for a fashion tribute, or is it too short to appreciate the brand’s past identity to the fullest?

Gucci Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear

Images: Gucci, Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear

Considering that the collection of 2015 was put together in such a short period, Fall-Winter 2020 gave a feeling that these looks are what we could have seen in 2015 if Alessandro Michele had more time. The latest Gucci collection certainly features looks that are strong in terms of their styling or even in terms of suggesting where we will be heading in the upcoming seasons. Nevertheless, we cannot draw a very obvious line between the Gucci of today and that of the yesterday. Talking about the season that starts the style of a new decade, we would have appreciated seeing a new takeaway on menswear that would eventually be defined as the new 20s. Instead, the collection is a continuation of what gave the brand its hype in the first place.

Gucci Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear

Images Gucci, Fall-Winter 2020 Menswear

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