How To Wear Stripes

Stripes strongly took over menswear stage in 2017. What is interesting about this trend is the fact that it perfectly combines smart and street wear. As a result, in this article we are speaking about stripes that can perfectly suit streetwear, smartwear or make a transition between both.


Stripes in the streetwear came particularly from the activewear trends, and can be worn in the statement-making combinations. In particular, two of the biggest trends in 2017, that will also transition into 2018, are stripe trousers with biker jackets or bomber jackets. Bomber jackets with stripe trousers are currently experiencing their golden age and due to the vast variety of colour combinations these options are also more noticeable. Nevertheless, stripes with biker jackets are a better investment. 2017 became famous for punk return onto the fashion stage, thus stripe trousers and biker jackets will dominate menswear stage in the upcoming 2018.


In terms of smartwear, stripes came into popularity for this style from the historic military perspective. Consequently, in order to create a perfectly proportionate smartwear look with stripe trousers, we need to think about simplicity, tone palette and clearly identifiable lines. The golden rule for a smartwear stripe look is to have such trousers as the only statement piece in the entire look. Smartwear with over-exaggerated details can easily come into the synonym of a bad taste. Two of the easiest winning looks in this case are stripe trousers with simple blazers and stripe trousers with a rollneck sweater.

Untitled design

Pictures (from left to right): Zara; Massimo Dutti; Gucci.

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